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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Here i am working

here i am servicing a bicycle!

i am passionate about my job/hobby! love to work
with bicycles!
and as you see in the picture i also sell lots of
bicycle accessories such as bike pumps,lights,
water bottles,sprays to keep bike running smoothly,
bike stands(that attach to bike)

Raleigh Chinook Bicycle

here is a beautiful Raleigh Chinook Bicycle valued at £275,
(was £379.99)
Is it well worth the money! 20" frame, 24 speed,
26" wheels, Shimano equipped

look at those gears!

Childrens bikes

these are childrens secondhand bikes and
are selling for as little as £40-£45 each


Front and back wheels start from as little as £7!

Cycle Club

why not join the cycle club!

seen a bike you like but can't afford all in one go?
so why not join the cycle club and pay as little as
£10 deposit, and pay whatever you can afford
each week until its all paid off! but you must pay
on a regular basis!

Bike Seats

the bike stall also sells accessories such as
bike seats, as shown in the top half of this picture
prices range from as little as £3-£15 depending
on size etc.


the Bike Stall has some bike trailers also for sale
ranging from $75-£300 depending on the size
some of these are for children to sit in.
seats 2 children in them!